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   Sonic fan cannon part 2:
 Miles history: Miles Prower is the yellow-orange fur and light blue eyes son of two smart foxes, Royal Army commander during the Great War Amadeus Prower and champions of a number of games of wits Rosemary Fox, and was born sometime before the Robotnik and Warnik attack on Mobius. Soon, his parents was taken by a alien race to study them due to one being roboticization and the other not, causing Miles to spent the rest of his young life in the hidden village of Knothole. Soon, the young fox was bullied because he was born with two tails, received his nickname of "Tails" and found a big sister in the cyborg rabbit Bunnie Rabbot. Soon, the two heard of Sonic adventure and, later on, become his friends and help him destroy the first Death Egg. The young fox found adventures of his own as he battle Wendy Naugus, troll and sister of future foe Walter Naugus, the Battle Bird Armada, the robot copy of Fiona Fox, who both the copy and the real deal capture Miles's heart, and Warnik's dangerous robot Crocbot. After Warnik end and the young fox help Sonic defeat Walter Naugus, the duo witness the rise of Eggman, as the mad doctor turn a tiny planetoid into a new Death Egg and takeover their home. Miles become a hero by saving Station Square by himself and free Sonic when he was farmed by Shadow the Hedgehog. During this time, he built the Tornado plane and robot pet T-Pup, and later become a test subject of the same alien race who taken his parents. Soon, Sonic end up in space, leaving the young fox very sad and soon begin a one-side romance with the real Fiona Fox, who later leave him and the Freedom Fighters for her evil boyfriend. After Sonic return and told Tails of where his parents are, he join Sonic in a number of adventures like meeting the Babylon Rogues, former member of the Battle Bird Armada, fight the evil Dr. Nega, reprogrammed the robot Gemerl to be like fallen old friend and ancient robot Emerl, and battle the evil immoral wizard Mammoth Mogul many times, taking the role of the chosen one who stop Mogul's return to power. After many times, the ancient Mobian was forced to create a group of secret agents, many who become Tails friends, and a deal with the artificial intelligence A.D.A.M to use Miles for its plans but the evil A.I was defeated. Once Miles's parents return, they help create a republic from a former kingdom and ally of the Kingdom of Acorn. Soon, the evil Iron Dominion attack the Kingdom of Acorn, forcing Miles and some of his friends to travel to the Dragon Kingdom to dismantled it from within with old friend Monkey Khan. During this time, Miles meet new love Li Moon, who cause Miles to find out that he have a thing for red fur vixens. After this mission and the fall of the Iron Dominion, the young fox save the alien race Wisps from Eggman and meet his young self due the Time Eater endanger time and space. 8 years later and after many adventure, one of which have Miles to make his friends believe that the young hero was roboticized, Tails choose to live his life with Li Moon while studying the multiverse, setting the next sage from him and his friends.
Blue Blur cannon part 2
This part of the history of my Sonic the Hedgehog cannon is about Miles "Tails" Prower history from Sonic's sidekick to one of Mobius's defender. Sonic the hedgehog and many of the series lore and characters is owned by SEGA.  
 Sonic's fan canon part 1:
    Sonic the Hedgehog's history: Sonic is the cobalt blue fur, emerald green eyes, with a red jacket and red sneakers who is his home planet of Mobius's greatest hero. Only children of loving couple of Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog and distant cousin of a royal Hedgehog family. However, when he was a baby, a enemy of his homeland mortally injured his father, forcing his uncle, Charles Hedgehog, to work with a fellow inventor in using a device known as the Roboticizer to turn his father, and soon his mother and a number of worried Mobians, into robot versions of them called Robians. But, the inventor's partner cause the Robians to lose their free will. Soon, as Sonic was a young boy, the evil partner use the Robians, with their cousin, Ivo Robotnik, help to take over the free world of Mobius. Sonic was send to South Island, there he was raised by Ivo's good brother, Ovi, an Mobian couple, his pilot cousin Paulie and his family. Soon, he was exposed to a powerful jewel called the Ruby of Order that give Sonic's his super speed and use it to defend the South Island with help from his friends. Soon, he kick Ivo Robotnik out of the South Island, before destroying the evil villain that turn his parents into Robians for good and meeting new friends and rivals on the way, like Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna of Angel Island, and Princess Sally Acorn. Soon, as Sonic find his parents and help restore the Robians free will, the blue hedgehog chase new enemy, troll wizard Walter Naugus, across Mobius until Sonic ban the evil wizard into the special zone once again with help from Human-like scientist Nate Morgan. When the two return to Sonic's birth place, it come under attack from the returning Ivo Robotnik, now calling him Dr. Eggman. Sonic head to Nate's home of Station Square and defense from Eggman and many threats to it, even Eggman's grandfather creation, A alien and Mobian Hedgehog hybrid called Shadow the Hedgehog. After Sonic lose Nate and some of his friends to the battle against Eggman and the blue Hedgehog robot clone, Metal Sonic, He find out Mobius was once a planet called Earth that was changed by a alien race called the Xorda due to Eggman's ancestor captured a emissary of the Xorda. The Xorda try to destroy Mobius, only for Sonic to stop them, at the cost of ending up in space from a Mobius's year. When he return, the blue hedgehog join the war against Eggman, who grew his empire after Sonic's believe death. Soon, a evil immoral try to use a evil counterpart of one of the hero friend to corrupt him into becoming a tool of chaos before Sally Acorn's father revealed Sonic's family history and made him a worthy candidate for a spouse for his daughter. Later on, after a short lived defeat at the hands of Eggman, Sonic defeat the mad scientist many times that cause the mad doctors to reset reality many times. The aftermath of the most recant cause both the reset of most of the multiverse and the Shattered World Crisis cause by the excess energy, and after that, the blue hedgehog stop Eggman's mad plan to all of Mobius life energy. After the end of Eggman, Sonic soon marry Sally Acorn, becoming king of the Kingdom of Acorn. Who know what adventures wait their children?                
Blue Blur canon part 1
Since the somewhat success of my Sonic fan-fiction, I choose to make my own Sonic's canon. This canon have events of the Sonic's games, the pre-rebooted and post-rebooted of the Archie Sonic universe, and other official Sonic's cannon. Most of the characters in this canon is not owned or created by me, but by many others and SEGA.
                  As a male minifigure with a blue shirt, black pants, and blonde hair look, he see two crooks in prison cloths, one with a black hat and another with a gray hat, with a male minifigure with a ruined left hand and mad scientist clothing driving a winged bicycle. The scientist shot to the young blonde hair minifigure, "The time of my master rule is now, Billy!" Billy reply back, "Nice vehicle, Penguin Hand. I don't it should be bad or not." The scientist reply in angry, "It's Doctor Hand! Doctor Hand!"
Lego adventure
This is just a short story staring four of my made minifigure in a scene. This is not a full story and I will not make a full series of stories because of school coming soon. Minifigures are owned by Lego.
                 The Olympics games are a four year event that the people of earth use to promote world peace. I'm doing my part as teaching visitors to Rio about the birds who live here as Karl Hills, A raptor handler. After a lesson, a mysterious woman in a business suit and brown paints come on to me and said, "Hi, nice raptors." I was surprised to see how beautiful she was, that I couldn't speak but she said to me, "I have a cousin with birthday next week. Why don't you come over with your raptors and give him and show." All I said right now was, "Ok, what your name?" The woman reply in my ear, "Shayera. You going to find out the rest of my name next week." She leave me to pack everything, but I don't see her said in a earphone, "The trap is set. The traitor, Katar Hol, will never escape us this time."  
Love in Rio
As the Olympics games are happing in Rio, A certain hero found love in a mysterious woman. Everything is owned by their own creators and not me. I just write the fan fiction and the stories. So don't sue me, Dc Comics.
           Hello, Everyone. Sorry I was gone for some time. I was watching the Games in Rio, just like almost everyone who have a TV. I just hope you all not mad at me or believe I dead or something. Well, that all forks.
           Hello, Everyone. Sorry I was gone for some time. I was watching the Games in Rio, just like almost everyone who have a TV. I just hope you all not mad at me or believe I dead or something. Well, that all forks.


United States
I'm from Michigan, U.S. I have autism.
I'm bad at grammar but I will make myself famous.

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